The KBS represents a global initiative to create innovative business schools that will shape future leaders and establish the enduring legacy of Prof. Philip Kotler, the visionary ‘Father of Modern Marketing.’

KBS is a non-profit institution that has been established with a new educational vision aimed at a long-term sustainability.The renowned marketing expert Philip Kotler envisions new marketing as a strategic process involving all stakeholders to generate a positive and sustainable impact while considering people, the planet, and profit. We aim to replicate the KBS concept in every country globally.

We are pioneers in bringing education to the Megaverse, innovating the concept of education and training by disconnecting it from its physical location. We welcome learners from far distances and offer them a path to the new future – Hello Tomorrow. KBS is proud to be the first business school in the world to be established in the Megaverse.


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KBS (KBS) mission is to educate business mastery to everyone, engage, and everywhere!


Philip Kotler

The Father of Modern Marketing

Philip Kotler, widely recognized as the “Father of Modern Marketing,” has significantly contributed to marketing for more than five decades through his teachings at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.


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