Kotler Executive MBA

Expand your career options by earning an executive MBA degree in only twelve months. The courses offered in an Executive MBA (EMBA) program are tailored to meet the specific needs and demands of experienced professionals seeking to enhance their leadership skills, strategic thinking abilities, and business acumen.

Ranked #1 worldwide since its incepton, world first’s
Customized EMBA to choose courses on-demand.

Incredible value and return on investment in twelve-months program that gets you back into the workforce quickly. While you work, blended online and in-class format 12 months, with monthly intake.

Maintain your professional career while completing EMBA at your own pace. 

Learn from the most influential gurus around the world.

This highly interactive, virtual learning experience is delivered fully online.

On-demand courses curriculum, plus opportunity to choose electives. For career switchers, career accelerators, or those looking to formalize or further develop business education.

Entry Requirements

Our program is not simply a set of courses, but an action-oriented learning experience designed to accelrate your success in the practical world.

  • Completed undergraduate degree (from any accredited university)
  • 2 to 10 years, full-time, post university degree.

Our international courses are designed to support your career goals and satisfy your professional and personal interest. A series of courses to provide a refresh and ensure you are familiar with any changes or new aspects of marketing.

Module 1

This course focuses on developing executive leadership capabilities. Topics include leadership styles, team dynamics, conflict resolution, decision-making strategies, and organizational change management.

Selected Courses on the Aristo Platform:

  • A New Type of Leader #22
  • Leadership and Sustainability Depend on Customer-Centric Culture #5
  • Human-Centered Leadership for Purpose-Driven Marketing #18
  • Leadership Development #42
  • Authentic Leadership and Empathy #314
  • This course delves into formulating, implementing, and evaluating business strategies. Participants learn to analyze industry trends, competitive landscapes, and internal capabilities to make informed strategic decisions that drive organizational success.

Selected Courses on the Aristo Platform:

  • Building Innovation Teams #105
  • Leading Innovation #106
  • Digital Marketing Strategies for Success #17
  • Operationalize Business Strategies – Organizational Strategy Element #68

Transformation of Markets, Business Models, and Strategy #75

    • This course focuses on the effective allocation of resources, managing risks, and maximizing shareholder value. Participants learn to conduct sophisticated financial analysis, capital budgeting, risk management, and financial reporting.


    Selected Courses on the Aristo Platform:

    • Forecasting and Budgeting #58
    • Blockchain Revolution for Enterprises #367
    • Data analytics for finance #369
    Currency Transactions #331

Module 2

In today’s interconnected world, executives need a deep understanding of the global business landscape. This course explores international markets, geopolitical trends, cultural differences, and global business strategies, preparing executives to navigate and capitalize on opportunities in diverse environments.


Selected Courses on the Aristo Platform:

  • None available yet
  • This course equips executives with the mindset and skills to drive innovation and entrepreneurship within their organizations. Topics may include opportunity recognition, product/service development, business model innovation, and intrapreneurship strategies.


    Selected Courses on the Aristo Platform:

    • Forecasting and Budgeting #58
    • Blockchain Revolution for Enterprises #367
    Data analytics for finance #369

Module 3

Additionally, EMBA programs often offer elective courses that allow participants to tailor their learning experience based on their interests and career goals. These electives may cover marketing management, operations management, technology and digital transformation, negotiations, and corporate governance. Next to electives, a project in a real company is managed as well.

Tution & Fees

Flexible payment modes available.*

Fee Year 1 Year 2
Tuition Fees $24,000 $24,000

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Enrolment Fee $200 $0

What can you expect?

Customized Learning Path
Immediate career application
Mastered leadership skills
More precise ideas, better decision-making

Kotler Executive MBA Leadership and Impact Award

The executive KEMBA leadership and impact award is presented to an incoming students enrolled in the Kotler Business School KEMBA program. The recipient must demonstrate excellence professionally in their career and demonstrate financial need. The award is open to international students.
To nominate yourself for the Leadership & Impact award, contact our trusted country partners at KBS.

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